Royal Caribbean Shareholder Benefit - Everything You Need to Know

James LePage
May 9, 2022
James LePage
Co-Founder + Head of Technology at ShareClub

Royal Caribbean Group (NYSE:RCL) is one of the largest cruise operators and managers of cruise brands. They also offer rewards & benefits to their investors.  The company was founded in 1968 and is currently headquartered in Miami, FL. Royal Caribbean sails out of multiple ports all over the world.

If you're a frequent cruisegoer, the Royal Caribbean Shareholder Benefit might be a valuable reward to take advantage of.

Eligibility Criteria

Ticker: NYSE:RCL

Number of Shares Needed to Redeem:  100 shares

Summary of Reward

Shareholders who qualify will be able to receive a:

$250 onboard credit per stateroom on sailings of 14 nights or more.
$100 onboard credit per stateroom on sailings of 6 to 13 nights
$50 onboard credit per stateroom on sailings of 5 nights or less.

How to Redeem

In order to receive the credit, a shareholder must download an application at or call (954) 628-9325 and option #3.  

Be prepared to provide your contact information and proof of ownership for the 100 shares. Proof of ownership can be a copy of your brokerage statement, proof of certificated ownership, etc.

Restrictions, Other Information, and FAQs

Ownership of Shares

You must own the 100 shares of Royal Caribbean at the time that you apply for the shareholder perk.  The shares have to be held by the person who is applying.  A person cannot get a discount for a friend or family member.  

What Can the Credit be Used for?

Onboard credits can be used for purchases of drinks, food, souvenirs, excursions, or other types of onboard purchases.  It cannot be applied towards an unpaid cruise balance or towards any type of pre-paid purchases or activities.  It's also important to note that onboard credits are not transferrable. Any money that is not used at the end of the trip will be forfeited; it will not be refunded in cash.

On Royal Caribbean, be aware that onboard credit cannot be used to purchase some types of services, such as tips, and charges at the onboard casino.  In general, though, the list of prohibited expenditures is fairly short.  Most people will use up the credit pretty quickly on drinks, excursions, or onboard shopping.

What kind of proof of ownership for the shares do I have to show?

A photocopy of a brokerage statement is acceptable as long as the statement is no more than 90 days old.  You will need to highlight the area where it shows you own 100 shares of RCL.

Can I get multiple credits if I own more than 100 shares?

According to policy, each shareholder can qualify for one onboard credit per cruise.  If you want to qualify for multiple onboard credits, you will need to transfer shares to those individuals and have them apply for an onboard credit separately.

My spouse and I each own 100 shares of RCL.  Can we each get our own credit?

The way the offer is written, it's only possible to claim one onboard credit per cabin, not per person.  


The Onboard credit perk is one of the best perks available to shareholders, and many people who have used this benefit claim that it is relatively easy to apply for and receive. Because there is no time limit on how long a shareholder has to hold their shares in order to qualify, many people have purchased shares before a cruise simply to claim the perk. If you cruise with Royal Caribbean frequently, the perk can pay for itself in just a few cruises.

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