The Insider Scoop: How Shareholder Perks Have Shaped Institutional Investment for Decades

James LePage
January 25, 2023
James LePage
Co-Founder + Head of Technology at ShareClub

A Historical Overview

Traditionally, institutional investors such as pension funds, insurance companies, and hedge funds, among others, have been privy to a set of perks that set them apart from individual investors1. From unparalleled access to management teams, early access to information, and even discounts on company products and services, these institutions have long enjoyed a lion's share of the investment ecosystem's rewards1,2.

This historic advantage is not born out of discrimination, but rather scale. The substantial capital that institutional investors control gives them the clout to negotiate more effectively for their benefits1. But this practice has had the unintended consequence of widening the gap between institutional and retail investors, creating a sense of disparity that ShareClub aims to address.

The Perks and their Implications

The first major perk for institutional investors is access to management. This is far more than a courtesy call or annual general meeting invitation. It's about the ability to influence strategic decisions, propose new initiatives, and seek clarity on complex financial matters1. This level of involvement not only provides institutional investors with deeper insights but also significantly influences the company's direction.

Another advantage lies in the timing of information. In the investment world, time is literally money. Institutional investors, due to their advanced resources, have the capability to process new information, whether earnings reports or industry updates, and act on them faster than individual investors1.

In recent years, companies have started to extend shareholder perks to their retail investors as well. These can range from discounts on company products and services, to rewards programs offering everything from gift cards to exclusive experiences2,3. But even these perks have their limitations. They're typically offered to all shareholders, regardless of their investment size, meaning a small retail investor receives the same perk as an institutional investor5.

The Need for Democratization

The retail investing landscape is ripe for change. As the democratization of finance becomes the order of the day, it's crucial to revisit and reconsider the traditional perks enjoyed by institutional investors. Retail investors, despite their smaller portfolios, deserve equal consideration and rewards for their support of companies. This is where ShareClub steps in.

ShareClub: Leveling the Playing Field

At ShareClub, we're spearheading an initiative to make investing more engaging, rewarding, and inclusive for all. We believe in bringing institutional-level perks to retail investors. But how are we achieving this?

First, we're committed to providing enhanced access to our retail investors. In a world where information is power, we want our investors to feel empowered and connected to their investments.

Second, we're focused on information equity. ShareClub is dedicated to providing timely updates and relevant company news to ensure our investors can make informed decisions.

Third, we're revolutionizing the concept of shareholder perks. By collaborating with public companies, we're facilitating a range of rewards, from product discounts to loyalty points and gift cards, for our retail investors.

Finally, we're designing rewarding ownership experiences. Investing isn't just about monetary gains—it's about being part of a company's journey, joining a like-minded community, and accessing unique shareholder experiences.

The Future of Investing

ShareClub is more than just an investment platform—it's a movement for change in the world of retail investing. We're not just providing a service; we're creating a paradigm shift in the way investing is perceived and conducted.

Through our platform, we aim to show that investing can be a lifestyle that's rewarding and exciting, beyond just the monetary aspect. We're here to ensure that the best perks are not just reserved for the elite, but accessible to all who venture into the world of investing.

If you're an individual looking to get more from your investments, or a company looking to better connect with your retail shareholders, we invite you to join ShareClub. Together, let's shape the future of investing.


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