Do Disney Shareholders Get Any Perks? - A Deep Dive

James LePage
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October 21, 2022
James LePage
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Disney is the most magical place on earth. But what about for shareholders? Do they get any perks?

In this article, we're going to take a deep dive into the world of Disney and shareholder benefits. As it happens, this company has one of the most interesting current and historical association with shareholder rewards.

First, let's address the burning question... do Disney shareholders get any perks?

Walt Disney Co (NYSE:DIS) Shareholder Rewards - Current and Historical

Currently, the American Walt Disney Co (NYSE:DIS) offers no shareholder rewards. There are no extra perks for Disney shareholders.

But in the past, Disney was a pioneer of this unique way to reward some of their most loyal fans - retail shareholders. Sadly, this ended around 2000.

The company gave shareholders discounts to the theme parks, products, restaurants and many other services they operated.

In more recent history, a now-subsidiary of Disney offered shareholder rewards like:

  • Discounts of 25%+ for overnight says in Disney Hotels
  • 15% off on 1 day Disney park passes as well as annual passes
  • 15% discount on products purchased in person in select Disney Stores
  • VIP cards, guided tours & concierge-like service

This company was a publicly listed company trading on the Paris Exchange as Euro Disney S.A.S. This company developed and operated Disneyland Paris and associated properties from the late '80s up until 2017, when the Walt Disney Co bought them outright and delisted their shares.

The above mentioned rewards only applied to the French properties operated and developed by this company.

Previous shareholders, who were registered in the original club in 2017 can register for a new one called "Euro Disney Club", which will be valid and active until 2027.

More info.

Disney (the American one) was also one of the last companies to offer paper/physical stock certificates. Now, all shares are electronic, but in the past, you could have gifted a share of Disney to yourself of a recipient as a keepsake by buying directly from the Disney Store website. Today, these physical shares are actually worth more than the real stock because they're a collectible item.

Here's what the collectible certificate used to look like

This "perk" ended somewhere around 2016, and shareholders of Walt Disney Co no longer can access any great shareholder rewards.

At ShareClub, we'd like to change that. The company doesn't just operate parks and attractions, but also offer Hulu, ESPN, Disney+ and a whole host of other services.  We think that shareholders should be rewarded for their loyalty to the company with some great perks and benefits.

While rewards for these services don't exist (yet), you may want to check out our FuboTV & Paramount+ rewards on the ShareClub Rewards platform.

And if you really want a Walt Disney Co Shareholder Reward, write to their investor relations team and let them know.

You can click this link to pre-generate an email request template.

Shareholders Passport For Disneyland Tokyo

Article update added Saturday October 29th, 2022. While shareholders in the American NYSE:DIS company are out of luck, there actually is a way to get a shareholder benefit for a Disney-branded property in 2022. Shareholders of the Japanese company Oriental Land, which trades on the Tokyo Exchange under then number TYO: 4661 can redeem 1-12 shareholders passports per calendar year (the number of passports depends on the number of shares held).

According to their website, Oriental Land Co.,Ltd. runs Disney brand facilities under license from Disney Enterprises, Inc..

The shareholder passport gives free admission to Tokyo Disneyland or Tokyo DisneySea.


So does Disney offer shareholder benefits? Yes and no.

The American Walt Disney company offers none. However, Oriental Land, a Japanese company that operates Tokyo Disneyland or Tokyo DisneySea does give free admission to it's shareholders.

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