British Companies That Offer Shareholder Benefits in 2023

James LePage
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August 23, 2022
James LePage
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Many British companies offer their shareholders additional benefits beyond merely investment appreciation. Each company has its own benefits offerings, as well as an individual application/eligibility process for accessing these benefits. Our list includes some of the most popular British companies that offer shareholder benefits at this time.

Please be aware that deadlines for these benefits vary from company to company. It’s best to contact each company directly in order to ensure accurate information when it comes to shareholder benefits.

Associated British Foods PLC

You’ll only need to hold a single share of Associated British Foods PLC in order to gain free attendance to the Annual General Meeting. This meeting is held in December, and as a shareholder, you’ll receive a free gift for attending as well.

Associated British Foods PLC operates within the food and clothing industry.

Big Yellow

Big Yellow is a large storage company known for its vibrant branding. Shareholders with at least 1 share qualify for 10% off at all stores on items and services. These include boxes and packing materials, insurance, self-storage, and flexi-office rentals.

This is in addition to the standard opening offer of a 50% discount on self-storage for up to 8 weeks. In order to qualify and apply, you’ll need to show proof of your shareholding when you visit the store.  

Bloomsbury Publishing PLC

In order to receive 35% off of recommended retail pricing (RRP) on all print books only, you’ll only need to hold a single share of Bloomsbury Publishing PLC. This publishing company requires you to complete the application on their website and a discount code will be provided.

Chapel Down Group PLC

Chapel Down Group PLC offers its shareholders two different benefit programs when it comes to investing in wine.

The first requires you to hold 500 shares for a 25% off discount voucher. You’ll need at least 2,000 shares for a privilege card, which comes with a variety of discounts off several products and services. To apply for either of these benefits, simply fill out an application form on the company’s website.

Fuller, Smith & Turner PLC

Well known within the pub and hotel industry, Fuller, Smith & Turner PLC requires shareholders to own at least 500 shares before benefits begin.

Benefits are largely held on an "indulgence card," which features a 15% discount on food and drink in hotels and pubs managed by Fuller, Smith & Turner. Shareholders will also enjoy the best flexible rate or standard flexible B&B rate for Beautiful Bedrooms by Fullers and Bel & the Dragon accommodations.  

You can request the indulgence card from the company secretariat by calling 0208-996-2105 or emailing Be prepared to provide confirmation of your holdings in order to verify eligibility.

Legal & General Group PLC

There are a range of discounts and services provided to Legal & General Group PLC shareholders who own at least a single share. Contact Legal & General directly to find out more about the application process for this financial services firm. You should be ready to provide confirmation of shareholder standing if required.

Mitchells & Butlers PLC

This restaurant and pub company issues a book of vouchers with 20% off the total bill in any pub or restaurant owned by Mitchells & Butlers. Shareholders will have to hold at least 1 share. Voucher books are issued in December and January of each year if they are available.

Moss Brothers Group

A single share of Moss Brothers Group will earn shareholders a 20% discount on all purchases at this upscale men’s clothing store.

Mulberry Group PLC

This luxury brand was founded in 1971 and offers shareholders a discount card for up to 20% off in stores worldwide. However, you will have to hold 500 shares and you cannot be an SIPP shareholder to qualify.

Discount cards are issued in March. You can contact the company secretariat at to provide proof of your current shareholdings and request the discount card directly.

N Brown Group

Shareholder benefits from this online retailer of clothing, footwear, and home goods requires ownership of a single share. However, depending on how many shares you own, you can get up to a 20% discount on all purchases made from their catalogs. See the terms and conditions for more information.

Shareholders will have to complete the Shareholders’ Discount Order Form in order to prove ownership.

National Grid PLC

Shareholders, excluding SIPP holders, with at least 1 share in National Grid PLC are eligible for the Shareholder Networking Programme. National Grid is one of the largest publicly listed utilities and requires shareholders to complete an application on the National Grid website in order to qualify for this benefit.

Next PLC

Next issues discounts in April of each year, when available. Shareholders with at least 100 shares can take advantage of this 25% discount on one full-price purchase in a Next retail clothing store. There is no limit to the purchase amount.

Peel Hotels

For perks from this well-known hotel chain, shareholders must own a single share. Discounts include 50% off the rack rate tariff. For more information, call 0207-266-1100 or email

Renishaw PLC

To get a discount on package holidays booked through Wotton Travel, shareholders must hold at least 1 share. Contact Renishaw directly to make arrangements and take advantage of this discount. You may need to confirm your holdings to verify eligibility.

Safestore Holdings PLC

With 100 shares of Safestore Holdings, shareholders are eligible for up to 5% off storage costs. New customers are welcome to a 20% discount off merchandise from this storage company. Speak to a representative by calling 0800-444-8000 for more details.

Telecom Plus PLC

Complete the Shareholder Discount Application Form in order to request shareholder benefits from this multi-service utility provider. You’ll need to show proof of ownership of at least 100 shares. However, discounts also include a special shareholder tariff, which is roughly 10% lower than the standard rate. Shareholders also receive a 10% rebate on non-energy services.

Whitbread PLC

Whitbread offers shareholders a Shareholder Benefits Card after owning at least 64 shares. These cards are issued in May of each year for this hospitality brand, which offers Premier Inn and restaurant benefits to its shareholders.

U.S. Companies that Offer Shareholder Benefits

For comparison, there are many U.S. companies that also offer their shareholders benefits.


As long as you qualify as a shareholder, you’re eligible for 3M benefits. For a small fee, you can pay to receive a gift box full of 3M products from across their entire lineup.


Owners of at least 100 shares are eligible for the many programs offered by Aterian. Each week holds a new perk or offer, so you should contact Aterian directly to find out what benefits you can take advantage of from this home goods and appliances retailer.  


While shareholders may not get discounts on Disney hotels and park stays anymore, those with at least 1 share have access to a shareholder collectible stock certificate. You will have to pay for shipping and handling, but it is something you can frame and/or pass onto your children.


If you like Ford vehicles, becoming a shareholder with over 100 shares can earn you eligibility for employee pricing. You’ll need to hold the stock for at least 6 months prior to receiving the discount, but be prepared to show proof of ownership.

Norwegian Cruises

Shareholders with 100 or more shares of Norwegian Cruises are eligible for onboard credits. For example, if you sail for 7-14 days, you receive $100 of onboard credits per stateroom.

Eligibility requires filling out a form and providing proof of ownership.

Royal Caribbean Cruises

In order to be eligible for shareholder benefits from Royal Caribbean Cruises, shareholders will need to fill out a request form and submit it with verification of share ownership. Shareholders must also own at least 100 shares to be eligible.

Benefits include on-board credit, for which the shareholder must be present to qualify for. Shareholders can receive up to $250 credit per stateroom on sailings of 14 or more nights, or $50 per stateroom for cruises of 5 nights or less.  

Vista Outdoor

Own at least 10 shares in order to receive a 40% discount on full-price merchandise. Ammunition is not included, but brands such as Remington, CCI, Speer, and Federal are eligible.

Common Types of Shareholder Benefits

Companies can offer shareholders a number of benefits, some of which are unique to that particular company or industry. However, there are many types of common shareholder benefits you can take advantage of, depending on which British company you choose.


One of the most popular benefits British companies offer their shareholders is discounts. These can be used for goods and/or services with that particular company. Many companies will only require a single share or at least 100 shares to qualify for some sort of discount, but it can vary based on the company and how many shares you own.

Eligibility for these discounts typically comes in the form of verifying ownership of shares. Depending on how long you’ve been with the company, you may only need to verify shares once.


Discounts can help offset the price of many items, but bonuses are great if you want access to items not available to the general public. Bonuses can include credit on cruises. They can also include any other perk that’s not available to everyone. An example might be an extra discount on items or a free item after a specific milestone.

Voting Rights

Many investors choose the companies they do because they want a chance at voting rights. This can be a great way to influence a company you love in a way that lends a platform to your voice.

While many British companies may offer voting rights to their shareholders, it’s typically not a perk of someone who holds 1 or even 100 shares in the company. These rights are reserved for those who have a large ownership, as they have a true vested interest in what happens with the company.


British companies often have an annual gathering that allows shareholders the chance to mingle with the management. These annual meetings are often accompanied by a small gift which demonstrates the profitability of that particular company.

For example, a chocolatier company might hand out special chocolate pieces to their shareholders. Perhaps it is a preview of the products to come, or simply a limited run of the best chocolate for those who make it all happen.

Industry-Specific Perks

In many cases, British companies will offer industry-specific benefits, which vary greatly. These particular perks make sense for that industry and those shareholders who support it. An example would be the Ford employee discount program. This type of shareholder perk could translate well to other automotive manufacturers, but employee pricing might not exist for other industries such as cruises or clothing, at least on the scale of a vehicle purchase.

How to Choose the Best Shareholder Benefits for You

Choosing the best shareholder benefits for your portfolio takes a bit of balance when it comes to priorities. For many, shareholder perks are just the icing on the cake in terms of dividends.

Cost vs. Benefits Analysis

The best shareholder benefits are those that balance cost with the available perks. For example, owning a single share in a company may not cost an investor that much, and the yearly perk of getting 20% off all purchases could make up for owning that single share, even if it is not particularly profitable in the grand scheme.

At the same time, shareholders should weigh the cost of more than 1 share to determine whether or not the benefit is worth the trade if such a benefit requires more than 1 share of ownership. A bonus of $250 on a cruise might not be worth the thousands of shareholders could lose if that particular British cruise company’s stock fell.

Increase in Investments

If you weren’t previously aware of shareholder benefits and/or might be close to the minimum shareholder mark, taking advantage of these perks can help offset the costs of your investments.

For example, if you own 60 shares of a British company and want to take advantage of the shareholder perks that 100 shares will get you, you could increase your investment in that company in order to do so. Again, you should consider the cost of these shares versus the benefits of becoming a shareholder of 100 shares to figure out if it’s worth it for your individual portfolio.

Applicable Benefits

For some investors, the shareholder benefits available to them make life that much easier. They may not necessarily be seeking out that shareholder benefit, but it’s good to have it at their disposal.

On the other hand, you may want to invest in certain British companies in order to benefit further from shareholding. A particular company might be doing well on the market, but it could also really help you in your daily life to have access to those benefits. This could include things like discounts on hotels or clothing items.

Voting Rights

Investors with a particular interest in how a company is run typically buy up shares in order to gain voting rights. This is a great way to gain a platform upon which you can speak on behalf of the company’s future. In particular, if there are changes you’d like to see going forward, owning enough shares could get you in front of the main executives in charge of making these kinds of decisions.

At the same time, benefits that include voting rights are held only for those shareholders who own a large portion of shares. It’s the same concept in running a business: whoever owns more of the company outright tends to make the greater decisions when it comes to how a company operates.

If you are particularly interested in how to gain voting rights as a shareholder, speak to a representative at that particular British company. They can direct you towards someone who knows more about this benefit and answer any questions you may have.

Use Shareholder Benefits to Your Advantage

Investing in companies that provide shareholder benefits can be a great way to get discounts on brands and services you love. Before you invest in any company, investigate what benefits they offer shareholders to see if you can gain not only investment capital, but a discounted rate as well. The best shareholder benefits are those you can take advantage of in your daily life.

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