Airlines that Offer Shareholder Rewards, Benefits and Discounts - 2023

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October 28, 2022
James LePage
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If you invest in airlines, there's a chance that you can get discounts on flight fares by leveraging shareholder benefits and discounts. In this article, we'll take a look at publically traded airline companies that have these types of programs, the minimum requirements for each, and what you get.

Some of these shareholder discounts and benefits for airlines are pretty incredible!


SAS Group is a Danish airline company with its head office in Copenhagen. The company operates scheduled and chartered flights to 135+ destinations. It also operates a worldwide cargo airline, SAS Cargo. SAS is a founding member of the global airline alliance Star Alliance.

The benefits you receive depend on the total number of shares you own, and they get to be pretty good.

Shareholders who own 4000 shares or more can register to be included on the SAS Friends & Family campaigns, which send heavily discounted ticket prices a couple of times a year. This program is intended for people that SAS employees know (almost like the non-revenue travel benefits that US airlines offer), but shareholders meeting this condition can also be a part of it.

If you own over 100,000 shares of stock, you can become a EuroBonus Gold memeber, with no additional requirements that need to be met. This comes with Loung Access for Shareholders, Fast Track, free wifi, two free checked bags, and a ton of other benefits at other companies in the network, like car rental and hotels.

Finally, if you own over 1 million shares, you get EuroBonus Diamond status. This is the highest status tier for SAS and comes with a ton of benefits, like Diamond Service – extended customer service with highest priority and 30% off on airline tickets.

It's worth mentioning, to avail yourself of this shareholder discount for SAS airlines, you need to also be part of the EuroBonus program and be a permanent resident in either Denmark, Norway or Sweden.

Japan Airlines

Japan Airlines Co., Ltd. is a Japanese airline based in Tokyo, Japan. It is the flag carrier of Japan and its main hub is at Tokyo's Narita International Airport. JAL Group operates a worldwide network that includes scheduled and chartered international and domestic passenger and cargo services to 220 destinations in 45 countries.

The airline has a three-tier frequent flyer program, with Oneworld Sapphire status as the top tier. JAL Mileage Bank (JMB), the airline's mileage-accruing program, has over 35 million members.

As a shareholder of Japan Airlines, you can get discounted fares on both international and domestic flights. You also have access to various lounges and other benefits when flying with the airline. To be eligible for these benefits, you need to hold at least 100 shares of stock in the company.

The shareholder rewards program will send shareholders a number of discount coupons depending on specific conditions, like the number of shares held. For example, if you hold over 100 sahres, you get 1 coupon per year, but if you own 900+ you can get 5.

Each discount coupon gives 50% off on regular one-way airfare for any flight on designated domestic routes serviced by Japan Airlines Co., Ltd., Japan Transocean Air Co., Ltd., Japan Air Commuter Co., Ltd. and Ryukyu Air Commuter Co., Ltd.

You must have a registered address in Japan to use this perk.


ANA Holdings Inc. is a Japanese airline holding company based in Tokyo, Japan. It is the largest airline in Japan by revenue and passenger count. Its main hubs are at Tokyo's Haneda Airport and Narita International Airport, Osaka's Kansai International Airport and Chūbu Centrair International Airport.

ANA is also the parent company of low-cost carrier Peach, which operates flights to East Asia from its bases in Kansai and Chūbu Centrair.

Their website states that "for Shareholders whose address is registered in Japan and owns 100 shares or more at the end of March or September, we will send approximately 50% off discount coupons of the ANA FLEX fare of any ANA domestic flight."

British Airways - Discontinued

In the past, British Airways offered shareholders 10% off on flight tickets. However, this program ended when the company was acquired and rolled into IAG.

US-based Airlines with Shareholder Benefits

Unfortunately, there are no US-based airlines that offer shareholder benefits programs at this time. We're not aware of any historical programs that used to exist but no longer do. This may be something worth looking into for airlines in the future as a way to thank and reward their shareholders for their loyalty.


Airlines around the world offer shareholder benefits programs as a way to thank investors for their loyalty. These programs typically offer discounts on airfare, but can also include other perks like lounge access and priority customer service.

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