Shareholder X-Plan (Ford and Lincoln Auto discount)
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Ford Motor Company offers the “Friends and Neighbors” pricing discount to our qualifying shareholders. To be eligible, you must show you are a current Ford Motor Company shareholder who has held a minimum of one hundred (100) shares of Ford Motor Company stock for at least the past 6 months. They call this discount the Shareholder X-Plan Program.


1. Own 100+ Shares of NYSE:F
2. Hold Minimum Shares for 6+ Months


1. Fill in the form included in this viewer.
2. To qualify for a Shareholder PIN, you must show current proof that you have held a minimum of one hundred (100) shares of Ford Motor Company stock (Ticker: F) for at least the past 6 months

  1. This documentation must also include the following information:
  2. Your name as Shareholder
  3. Your Ford Motor Company shares
  4. Current date and your shares acquisition date (if your documentation or statement does not show the date your shares were bought or acquired, we will need a statement from 6 month prior)

3. Send the completed form along with proof of Ford Stock ownership to: Shareholder Relations Vehicle Program PO Box 1270 Melbourne, FL 32902 Email:
4. We will process your request and send you an X-Plan Personal Identification Number (PIN). Only one X-Plan PIN will be issued every 12 months to each qualifying shareholder.
5. Visit any participating Ford or Lincoln dealer who will confirm your eligibility using your Social Security Number and PIN.
6. Select an eligible vehicle.
7. Confirm the vehicle costs – “Friends and Neighbors” (X-Plan) pricing is shown on our vehicle invoice to the dealer. (Ask the dealer for a copy of the invoice.)
8. Complete the purchase or lease agreement.
9. Arrange for delivery.

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